The first year with a baby is both hard and magical. From first smiles to first hugs, kisses and maybe even first steps and first words. We truly hope you get to enjoy your baby’s very first year. When it comes to selecting an infant baby carrier you need to look for safety, practicality and whether or not it fits your lifestyle. The MiniMeis infant baby carrier is designed for active dads (but moms can use it too) that like to spend time outside the house. Whether it is for walks in the park, a day at the zoo or adventurous hiking trips.

What is the best infant baby carrier for you?

When shopping for an infant baby carrier you need to be mindful of how often and for what reason you want to use the carrier. If you are looking for an infant baby carrier to rock your baby to sleep, you might want to consider buying a sling carrier. However, if you are looking for a carrier that you can use for walks, trips and holidays, the MiniMeis shoulder carrier is the right infant baby carrier for you. It can be used from 6 months old to 5 years.

The MiniMeis infant baby carrier for dads

Most carriers are designed with mom in mind but not the MiniMeis shoulder carrier. It’s a unique carrier designed by dads, for dads. But, don’t worry, moms can use it too. MiniMeis is comfortable, easy to use and store and above all: MiniMeis is fun! It’s a baby carrier for every day of the year. From grocery shopping to nature hikes, this shoulder carrier turns every walk into an adventure for both parent and child.


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