When little ones start to walk a carrier remains a great way to take (tired) toddlers outside. Whether you are going on a hike, planning a trip to the supermarket or a visit to a friend, the MiniMeis shoulder carrier is the perfect toddler carrier. It can be used for kids up to the age of 5 (or 20 kg/48 lbs). Find out why this from newborn to toddler carrier is an award-winning innovation.

Toddler carrier with the best view

Before the invention of the MiniMeis, carrying your toddler was limited to back carrying or front carrying. Although great solutions, when our kids grow there need to explore the world and independence also grows. The MiniMeis shoulder carrier provides your toddler more freedom of movement and an amazing view. A smile will appear on their faces as soon as they are up on your shoulders. Guaranteed.

Easy carrying

As our kids grow, they become heavier and heavier. When looking for a carrier you need to be mindful of how comfortable a toddler carrier is. Thanks to its unique design the MiniMeis toddler carrier offers great comfort for both parent and child. Your kid's weight is evenly distributed and doesn’t stress your neck or back. It’s tested and approved according to both European and US standards.

A great toddler carrier for hiking

If you want to use your toddler carrier for hiking, the MiniMeis shoulder carrier is a great choice. It’s foldable, lightweight (only 1 kg) and with it’s compact size it can be easily stored in a backpack. Both you and your toddler will love the MiniMeis G4 carrier, that’s a promise.


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